Lotus Pod

By: Paola Ceriola

02 Lotus Pod

It’s easy to find food with labels claiming to be organic or locally produced. But it’s not so easy to confirm the accuracy of these labels. So how do you make sure that you’re eating healthy food? Simple! Grow some in your own backyard!

Lotus Pod is located in a small patch of land in Laguna owned by veteran journalist Cheche Lazaro. At first, she just wanted a place for her family to relax and enjoy. Eventually, the place literally grew from a weekend home to an organic farm, teeming with fresh produce.

You actually don’t need to own a large piece of land for you to enjoy the benefits of growing your own food. Lotus Pod conducts Agricultural Tours for people who are interested in creating their own urban farm in their homes in the city.

Dr. Patena of Lotus Pod says, “No. 1 survival yung food so I think we should teach everybody how to plant whether nandun ka sa farm o sa probinsya, everybody should plant. At least, maka-contribute ka sa pagkain mo na hindi na ipoproduce ng farm.”

For Dr Patena, every Filipino should become a farmer. With the right knowledge and the patience to back it up, everyone can be part of a larger movement that can contribute to a greener Philippines.

Superfood Diet

By: Ton Vergel De Dios

Part 3

Diet refers to what we eat on a daily basis. However, it has been ingrained in our minds that dieting refers to a calorie deficit diet or lessening the amount of food we eat.

The problem with just lessening the amount of food that we eat is that if we weren’t eating healthy to begin with, our bodies wouldn’t be able to sustain itself with the right nutrients it needs. This could lead to disease and a host of other problems.

The solution? A balanced diet where we get all the macronutrients and micronutrients that we need, and also shed that belly fat along the way.

Here are a couple of tips to start your balance diet:

Tip #1: Eating slow digesting food that is high in fiber can help fight off cravings that will potentially ruin your diet. Slow digesting healthy food can also give more energy than foods that digest faster.

The body’s main source of energy is carbohydrates which is why eating slow digesting carbs is very important especially for those who get tired easily or want to have that extra boost of energy.

Tip #2 Eat 40% Carbohydrates, 30% Protein and 30% healthy fats in order to lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Carbohydrates take up the biggest amount since that’s where most of our energy comes from throughout the day.

Here are some Superfoods that you can include in your daily meals:

Brown rice is a superfood that makes a great substitute for white rice since it contains more fiber, protein and keeps you full longer than white rice, white bread or white pasta.

The more processed a food is, the more unhealthy it is. Brown rice is essentially a less processed, healthier version of white rice since the husks are not removed from the rice, and these contain the most amount of fiber and nutrients.

Oats contain Resistant Starch, a healthy carb that boosts metabolism and tells our bodies to go into fat burning mode. So aside from keeping us full with fiber, we’re also burning fat at the same time.

Eggs are a great source of healthy fat and are full of protein which can help with muscle building. Although it is relatively high in calories, the benefits from the nutrients in eggs can’t be ignored.

Broccoli is another mainly carbohydrate food that is also loaded with protein and Vitamin A. If you think beta-carotene just came from carrots, consider adding Broccoli to your meal and it will be great for your body and eyesight.

Broccoli can be eaten raw or cooked and can be eaten with salad or as a side dish to a main course. Aside from being full of fiber, broccoli is considered a superfood because of it’s cancer preventing properties.

Nuts are a great substitute for unhealthy snacks like junk food or pastries. They also stave off hunger so that we can stay full until the next meal.

MIR and RYVI Soaps

By: Marjorie Dumont

01 Mir and Ryvi

Getting clean can be a dirty business.

Commercial soaps in supermarkets are usually full of chemicals, like colorants and synthetic additives that could irritate skin, or cause toxic reactions in our bodies, and damage the environment once they enter our aquatic systems.

In the end, buying cheap COULD carry a steep price tag.

There are other, better alternatives to mass-produced soap however—

Alternatives that are good for the skin,

the ecosystem, and sometimes even the economic lives of the poor

From a staff of one, Mir and Ryvi (rye-vee) grew to a workforce of fifteen to thirty, depending on the needs of the market.

When compared to commercial soaps, Mir and Ryvi’s products may seem pricey. But when put toe-to-toe with imported artisanal soaps, their prices become very competitive indeed.

“I’m very hopeful that MIR and RYVI will survive and produce a lot of good products in the future that our clients an look forwards to. I am also hopeful that a lot of businesses in the natural care industry will also be a thriving business because there’s a lot of potential in the Philjppines. “

-Laden Pedrina, Owner of MIR and RYVI Sopas

Check out facebook.com/mirandryvi

Call  09178143245 or 5534959

Available at: Beauty Bar

One Spa, Marriott Hotel


Bohol Bee Farm

02 Bohol Bee Farm

The chocolate hills, tarsiers, Loboc river, old churches – these are just some of the things that the province of Bohol is famous for. But no visit to this friendly heart of Visayas is ever complete without a side trip to Panglao’s Bohol Bee Farm.

“Bee Farm started with the environment in mind. As you can see, we built around trees, we don’t cut them. Secondly, growing herbs, vegetables the natural way. Third, the reuse of old building materials.

From day 1, we buy vegetables from livelihood communities. We just teach them how to do it the natural way, and of course, when they learn, they bring the produce to us, and we buy it., ” says Dominic Butalid, CEO of Bohol Bee Farm.

The must have products in the farm are honey, homemade spreads, teas, tsokolate, salabat, peanut kisses, kalamay,  and more native Bohol specialties.

“We like to call ourselves a special interest resort, You come here not to have all the amenities and luxuries, you come here to espouse a lifestyle, to embrace a healthy, clean, green, lifestyle. And in our own little way, I hope we did impart that, and I think we are quite successful.  And I really hope that people really embrace it because it’s just the natural way to go. You live longer, you live happier, less medical problems. That’s the Bee Farm,” adds Dominic.

Pop Junk Love

By: Gerlene Reyes

01 Popjunklove

In this developing world, junk and wastes are a big problem.   But there has been a growing number of people who, in their small ways are finding solutions in trash.

Meet Maan and Roma, two crafty  sisters who have made upcycling trash their purpose.

The treasure in trash does not just come from creating beautiful pieces out of it. Upcycling and recycling also makes a positive impact on the environment.

For Maan and Roma, nothing beats the feeling of rescuing items destined for the dump and re-making it into something useful.

When people upcycle and recycle, they create less waste which then helps lessen the clutter created by humans. And when people start realizing the effects of such actions, purposes greater than themselves come out.

Amorita Resort


Amorita is a Luxury Boutique Resort. It’s a flagship property of the one-of collection. It was opened last November 2007. Amorita is located in Alona Beach in Panglao Island Bohol.

In January 2013, the boutique hotel group One-of Collection launched its platform for environmental sustainability, which they called Project ECHO.

Project ECHO = Environment, Community, and Heritage by One-Of Collection

Project ECHO’s environmental initiatives include implementing the Reduce, Reuse and Recycle waste management, utilizing sewage treatment plans and solar heaters, introducing a towel and linen reuse program for their guests, and using organic shampoos in reusable dispensers

To take things to the next level, Amorita Resort is currently undergoing their second development phase to incorporate more eco-friendly and sustainable design features.

Aside from utilizing these materials, existing trees and plants served as the foundation for their landscape planning. The designers made a conscious effort to plant — instead of cut down — trees and preserve the natural contours of the area.

Project ECHO wants to create experiences long after they have happened. Much like an echo, they want to be a resounding voice in sustainability efforts particularly in the hospitality industry, here in Visayas, and hopefully the whole country.

Earthday Jam

01 Earthday Jam

By: Hiyasmin Neri

They say that Music makes the world better. It’s also a cure for the soul.

Finding truth in such clichés, OPM rock icon, Lou Bonnevie, believes that nature’s music is really the true gem.

Finding her deeper purpose as an artist who promotes protection for the environment, Lou birthed the Earthday Jam foundation 14 years ago, and has been awarded with the title “Clean Air Champion” by local government agencies.

Producing live events and music concerts, Earthday Jam Foundation has continued to stir environmental awareness, particularly to the Filipino youth, by inviting various artists to share their advocacies through songs and performances.

Apart from producing concerts, Earthday Jam Foundation also organizes coastal clean-ups, tree planting events, environmental talks and mall shows that encourages the public to make significant actions.

Valuing the younger generation in making an impact to spread environmental advocacies through simple ways, Lou entrusts her son to also lead in the foundation.

Realising your significance leads to an action that enables you to help others. In doing so, you leave a legacy that is not measurable by money or fame, but by the contentment that you lived a meaningful life.

Lou says, “I realised that it’s so hard to think about just your ego. I’m not a singer, I’m not a composer because I want to be a celebrity, it’s a natural thing, I’m a composer, I’m a singer, I can write songs and I can use it, I can use it as a tool. So I think everybody has something. They were born for, you know…have more significance in what they’re doing. I think the only thing that’s giving me inspiration now with what I’m doing is that I think, my writing songs doesn’t have to be a top 40, it doesn’t have to make money, in terms of you know, Macarena, Gangnam, or whatever but, as long as it moves people, big or small, it ok with me.  The bigger sana, the better, para bigger impact and we can change the world faster.”


By: Gerlene Reyes

02 Gouache Bags

Gouache is a local brand in the Philippines that sells wax canvas and leather goods . Most of their products are camera, lifestyle bags, and accessories. Gouache started after the founders decided to créate their own waxed canvas and leather camera bag for personal use.  Later on, they decided to créate more of these bags to sell to other people.

“The reason why we named our brand Gouache is because it’s actually a watercolor painting technique. Our products are like paintings. Gouache is a watercolor painting technique, so every piece of our bag is artwork talaga,” says Louie Poco, co-founder of Gouache.

Louie adds, “we want to practice sustainable business. So what we do with the extra leather are logo patches, or we can use them for coin purses or smaller items. The waxing material that we use is natural waxes like beeswax and paraffin, they’re one of the main ingredients of our waxing fabric. We use all organic and natural materials… from the fabric, from the waxing material, and with our leather. Second is the products are handmade, so it means less carbon footprint for us in producing these kind of products. Naka-guilt free when you create these products and show them to the market because it’s helping our planet and it’s also helping a community. “

The people behind Gouache proves that if you set your heart and mind to it, anyone can create a sustainable business that benefit not only the founders but the people who makes and buys the products.

Available at:


Mad Kahuna in Cubao X

Common Thread at Greenbelt Makati

Sev’s Cafe

by: Marj Dumont

01 Sev's CafeIpat and her husband, television journalist Howie Severino, are the driving force behind

Sev’s Café – a hang-out with affordable healthy and mindful food.

And what they lacked in experience in the food business, they made up for in eagerness to spread their green agenda.

The kitchen at Sev’s is a gastronomic laboratory, fusing western and filipino staples with knowledge of obscure herbs and fruits. And their menu often changes to reflect their new discoveries.

“Local berries like lipute and bignay, that are not familiar to most people, but they’re the kinds of berries that grow here, and we honor them, and recognize those tastes, we now mix them in cocktails.  It’s really being able to tell who raisead the food, who grew the food, fermented the food,“ says Ipat.

The common misconception that organic food must be a luxury is a myth that Ipat wants to bust. Ipat says, “Most people still don’t eat healthy because cheap food is often industrial food, the economics of scale. But I am encouraged by the fact that farmers eat better than most of us because their food comes directly from their farms.”

But Sev’s is not only a place to satisfy one’s appetite for food; it is a marketplace for new ideas, a stomping ground for lovers of art, country and the environment. They have poetry open mics, comedy open mics, cinema nights, chamber music, and more. Sev’s cafe try to educate the palate, but they also try to educate the ear.

Craft MNL

by: Chris Costello

02 Craft MNL

Now while the concept of “crafting” is widely defined as a number of activities associated with attempts at making useful things with your hands; Craft MNL, the brainchild of husband and wife team Marielle and Lex Reyes, is a bit, well craftier at their own definition.

“Making for me is an exploration, with a tactile compoinent to it. It’s the ability of a person to move from an idea up in their head to actualizing something. So they have a vision of what they want to do and then they use,m you know, their hands or tools to make it concrete, to make it real.,” —Lex Reyes, co-owner of Craft MNL

For three years, CraftMNL has head workshops in all types of creative experiences – inspiring participants to explore new arts and crafts taught by expert facilitators; and this new venture is quite a leap from it’s humble beginnings.

The duo noticed that many craft items are made with artificial ingredients or synthetic compounds. They wanted to encourage the use of sustainable, eco-friendly craft materials and this is what inspired them to look locally.

CraftMNL and small businesses do represent the heartbeat of a growing economy; and they do so responsibly, with their sustainable practices and inspiring message. “Making” has never been this eco-friendly.


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